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Show tweets for #livestream #nyspirits #secondscreen #socialTV #tasteny @krochmal @nayalany
NAyalaNYNancy Ayala
CBS makes one thing clear in yanking Scott Pelley: It’s all about ratings Needed your 'Perspective' cc: @krochmal
41 months ago from Twitter Web Client
therealmtlMichael Licata
#tasteny at Passport Wines & Spirits marjimmanor @ Passport Wine and Spirits
41 months ago from Instagram
tastenyTaste NY
Thanks to all who made our first-ever #TasteNY Experience tasting event a success! Photos: @ericvitalephoto
41 months ago from Twitter Web Client
tastenyTaste NY
Do you enjoy locally-grown NY-made products? We’ve added more #TasteNY locations - check them out this summer!…
41 months ago from Twitter Web Client
therealmtlMichael Licata
#tasteny at Wright's Corners Wines and Spirits from 4 till 7 p.m. marjimmanor
41 months ago from Instagram
At the Taste New York Experience at Pier A. Good times! #tasteny #wine #nyc #newyorkcity #NewYork #winelover…
41 months ago from Twitter for Android
Kmartinez15Katarina Martinez
*yikes face* brooklynwinery at 3pm? @tasteny #thinknydrink #nybrewed #tasteny @ City Pier A
41 months ago from Instagram
winenshineAmanda Schuster
#tasteny (@ Pier A Harbor House in New York, NY)
41 months ago from Foursquare
We're perched by lovely NYC harbor today for @tasteny, drop by to try NY's best wine, beer, spirits and of course, ginger ale! #tasteny
41 months ago from Twitter for iPhone
tastenyTaste NY
"You could buy tons of bottles, head to bars every night—or just pick up a ticket for #TasteNY Experience..."…
41 months ago from Twitter Web Client
tastenyTaste NY
Great way to start the weekend: #TasteNY experience bringing dozens of local food & drinks to @PierA_NYC on May 24.
41 months ago from Twitter Web Client
RT @AdkWineFestLG: With 80+ vendors, who are you most excited to see?! #adkwinefestlg #drinkny #tasteny https://t.c…
41 months ago from Twitter for Android
AdkWineFestLGAdirondack Wine Fest
With 80+ vendors, who are you most excited to see?! #adkwinefestlg #drinkny #tasteny
41 months ago from Twitter for iPhone

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