Mobile First | RJI

Media companies are pursuing a “mobile-first” agenda as a way to intersect with consumers who have stretched beyond traditional media platforms to seek new information. So, who’s leading the way when it comes to developing a mobile-first agenda?


SXSW 2014: Journalism’s Future Tied to Social, Mobile, Data | Mediashift | PBS

SXSW 2014: Journalism’s Future Tied to Social, Mobile, Data Amid the frenzy of SXSW Interactive were a few fundamental themes: 1) mobile is here to stay; 2) social media is the lifeblood of anyone with content to share and 3) data privacy will become a commodity given today’s surveillance state .


Mobile-first journalism: Tips for engagement

Many news outlets are seeing vast leaps in web traffic from mobile audiences as ownership of smartphones and tablets increases. Accordingly, many organisations are focusing more attention on mobile-first strategies that ensure a good user experience, no matter whether a person is accessing content from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.


Global mobile statistics 2013 Home: all the latest stats on mobile Web, apps, marketing, advertising, subscribers, and trends… | mobiThinking

The mobiThinking compendium of mobile statistics and research The stats, all the stats and nothing but the stats… In the past three years, we have gone from a smattering of mobile statistics to an abundance of useful information.


Mobile First News

From an #ONA13 panel discussion with @etanowitz, @fionaspruill, @corybe, dkiesow ​ A PDF of the handout is here. The slides are up on Slideshare and you can watch the video of the presentation on ONA’s site. Get your newsroom looking at, and using, your mobile products Get a live view of your mobile website on everyone’s computer.


BBC targets social media users with Instagram video news

BBC News is stepping up its efforts to reach new audiences on social media platforms after mobile and tablet viewing figures overtook desktop use for the first time in December. On 16 January, BBC News launched Instafax, a new short-form video news service delivered to Instagram users.


The state of mobile first at Thomson Reuters | The Knowledge Effect

Are we being a mobile first company? What does it mean anyway? In this short video, Luke Wroblewski, author of the book ” Mobile First ” and speaker at a recent employee session on the topic, speaks about the three fundamentals that led to the birth of the Mobile First approach: Mobile will eat the planet (as said in 2008).


A ZeeMap with Mojo Practitioners, Trainers and courses around the globe. Check it out…#mojomap

I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time and I’ve been looking for a solution to do it. Originally I wanted to be able to create a twitter list and then get a coder to design a script to export the account info and geo-location info into a KML file for Google Maps.


Robb Montgomery

This video is me saying that “Mobile Journalism requires training, technology and workflows.” Una and Maja of the Mediacentar in Sarajevo interviewed me about the potential for mobile journalism during a week-long training workshop in Sarajevo. I’ll be in London in January to teach mobile journalism techniques to a group of professional reporters.



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